Great Britain

Drilling in National Parks?

The British government has been consistently pushing for the controversial fracking technology. A call for tenders for new areas has just been issued. Even national parks are not completely out of the question.

31 Jul 14, Tim Altegör 0
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Renewables funding

The cap is coming

In early April, six months after coming to power, Germany’s new coalition government reached an agreement on the reform of the country’s Renewable Energy Sources Act, and set out plans to “overhaul” the way it funds clean electricity. Renewables proponents fear the reform is putting Germany’s “Energiewende” at risk.
22 May 14, Tim Altegör 0
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Alternative Fuel

Microalgae project gets underway in Portugal

A consortium of biotechnology experts has started to build a one-hectare pilot unit that will demonstrate an innovative integrated approach to produce microalgae biomass with biodiesel validation in a sustainable manner.
1 Aug 14, Vinicius Valente 0
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Price slump in carbon credits for climate protection

Sales of carbon allowances to fund climate-protection projects have ended. The European Investment Bank, which is based in Luxembourg and was responsible for the trading, has completed its sale of the 300 million credits – generating far less funds than anticipated.
22 May 14, Tim Altegör 0
Future energy supply

A brief sociology of the switch to renewables

Electricity is having an ever-greater impact on our daily lives. We discuss the fears and myths that are accompanying the transformation of Germany’s energy system.
28 May 14, Joachim Nitsch* and Uwe Pfenning** 0
Sales of 300 million carbon allowances to fund European climate-protection projects have ended. With roughly EUR 2 billion generated by the sales, the amount raised under the NER300 funding scheme was far lower than the issuing European Investment Bank had anticipated.
Battery research
Japanese technology conglomerate Sony Corporation and Canada’s largest electricity producer Hydro-Québec are joining forces to set up a joint venture to research and develop a large-scale energy storage system for power grids. Both firms believe that demand for large-scale energy storage systems will increase in the future, driven by high demand for electric power during peak times, the need to stabilise fluctuations in electricity generated from renewables, and the goal of securing a stable power supply in case of outages or disasters.
Country ranking
The US still leads the field in installing geothermal energy systems. But according to the country’s Geothermal Energy Association (GEA), that could soon change.
Scientifically speaking
Following the German government’s heroic decision to phase out all of the country’s nuclear power plants in the next ten years and to undertake a massive expansion of renewable energies, there was a surge of optimism among all those keen on pressing ahead with the switch to renewables. But now reality has brought everyone down to earth with a bump.

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