“We are at the beginning of the learning curve”

On 20 February the Polish parliament passed the long-awaited act on renewable energy sources. To the surprise of many, the act includes fixed feed-in tariffs for installations below 10 kilowatts (kW) despite opposition on this point from the ruling party Civic Platform (PO). Grzegorz Wiśniewski, chairman of the Renewable Energy Institute (IEO) in Warsaw and one of the initiators of the amendment, explains the impact of the so-called “prosumer amendment” on the Polish power sector and the future of renewables in Poland.

12 Mar 15, Interviewed by Andrzej Ancygier 1
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“Completely new dynamics”

Energy researcher Karen Smith Stegen predicts that the triumph of renewables will reshape international politics to the detriment of producing countries such as Russia and Saudi Arabia, while greater interconnectedness could result in a more peaceful coexistence.
2 Mar 15, Interviewed by Jörg-Rainer Zimmermann 1
photo: Silke Reents

“We offer a view into the entire energy market”

…says Benjamin Low, director of the energy and wind sections of Hannover Messe. In light of this integrated approach, Low does not regard Hamburg or other wind fairs as competitors to Hannover.
20 Mar 15, Interviewed by Tim Altegör 0
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UK elections

Tories win spells onshore trouble

After the UK elections, the surprising victory of incumbent Prime Minister David Cameron not only threatens Great Britain’s EU membership. Renewable energies and onshore wind in particular, may also face hard times ahead.
12 May 15, Isaac Bah 0

Price slump in carbon credits for climate protection

Sales of 300 million carbon allowances to fund European climate-protection projects have ended. With roughly EUR 2 billion generated by the sales, the amount raised under the NER300 funding scheme was far lower than the issuing European Investment Bank had anticipated.
5 May 14, Jürgen Heup 0
India’s new government plans to reform the energy sector and promote renewables. Photovoltaics and small hydropower can expect greater support.
Finance report
After failing to crack the USD 1 billion mark for three successive quarters,venture capital and private equity investment in clean energy companies is on the rise again. Strong interest in energy-smart technologies and solar energy push VCPE investment to USD 1.6 billion in the second quarter as early-stage investors scent a turnaround in sentiment.
Climate Change
Keeping global warming below the 2 degree level means limiting cumulative carbon emissions to 1,100 gigatonnes till 2050. But a new study says that might prove illusory as the emissions contained in present day estimates of global fossil fuel reserves are around three times higher than this.
Scientifically speaking
Can wind provide enough power for all us? Is there a chance that wind energy could replace its “dirtier” competitors? Or are high costs, technical shortcomings and a lack of storage options preventing wind from becoming the primary source of energy in modern countries such as EU member states?

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