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www.newenergy.info is the English-language news website of neue energie, Germany’s leading specialist magazine for climate action and renewable energy. We produce in-depth coverage of topical issues and energy-related political and economic developments, and report on the latest technology in renewable energies. We provide objective analysis of current energy policy, while also informing you about innovations and potential in the field of renewable energy.

Scientific advisory group

Renowned energy experts provide the editorial team with input on key topics in science and politics. More on this here.

Editorial team

Jörg-Rainer ZimmermannJörg-Rainer Zimmermann


Jörg-Rainer Zimmermann was born in 1967 in Stuttgart. After studying German and philosophy at Freie Universität Berlin, Jörg-Rainer worked for leading newspapers in Berlin/Brandenburg (including Berliner Morgenpost/Die Welt, MAZ, MOZ). Before joining the neue energie team in 2010, he served as economics editor for the Märkische Oderzeitung.

Astrid DähnAstrid Dähn

Senior editor

Astrid Dähn, born in 1970, studied mathematics and physics in Tübingen and Berlin. After completing her postgraduate degree in science journalism, Astrid worked as editor for the Berliner Zeitung and the weekly newspaper Die Woche. She then went on to work as managing editor for the science magazine, Technology Review. She started at neue energie in 2009 and has since given our texts the finishing touch.

Tim Altegör

Tim Altegör

Managing editor

Tim Altegör, born in 1983, is from the Ruhr area and studied political sciences and English in Bochum. After working at the German Renwable Energies Agency and for a member of the European Parliament, he was trainee journalist at neue energie since 2013 and became editor in 2015.

Michael HahnMichael Hahn


Michael Hahn, born in 1982, is from Marburg. After his training as an industrial mechanic in operating technology, he studied media sciences and completed his masters degree in media and cultural practice. He then worked freelance for a newspaper and since October 2015 at neue energie.

Michael Hahn

Margit Hildebrandt

Trainee journalist

Margit Hildebrandt, born in 1981, studied environmental sciences in Münster, North Rhine-Westphalia. She then worked at several scientific institutes, with a focus on atmospheric research and technologies for measuring aerosols. In 2018 she joined the team at neue energie.

Silke Reents

Photo editor

Silke Reents, born in 1969, grew up in northern Germany and has lived in Berlin since the fall of the Berlin Wall. A qualified master photographer, she previously worked in the animated film business, as well as in the photo editorial team at the news agency dapd. Silke has also worked as a freelance photographer for 20 years. She has been responsible for photo selection and layout at neue energie since 2007.

Claudia Mathes

Claudia Mathes

Editorial team assistant

Claudia Mathes, born in 1966, trained as a clerical assistant. She joined neue energie in 2003 when the magazine was still based in Osnabrück. Claudia coordinates the editorial activities, manages the subscription service and generally makes sure that everything runs smoothly in the editorial team.

Claudia MathesNikola Gericke

Subscriptions assistant

Nikola Gericke, born in 1970, joined neue energie in 2006 when the magazine moved to Berlin. The only native Berliner in our team, Nikola looks after the subscriptions service, stands in for our editorial team assistant Claudia, and is always happy to help out as needed.


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Issue 05 / 2020

Stop and go - Mixed signals for German wind

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