• Knowledge
    Climate Change Performance Index

    Northern Europe is the greenest of them all

    The Climate Change Performance Index 2015 compares 58 top CO2 emitting nations. Scandinavia is top, Australia a flop. Morocco conquers the top ten.
    15 Jan 15, Tim Altegör 0
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    Climate Change

    Scientists issue hands-off warning for fossil fuel reserves

    Keeping global warming below the 2 degree level means limiting cumulative carbon emissions to 1,100 gigatonnes till 2050. But a new study says that might prove illusory as the emissions contained in present day estimates of global fossil fuel reserves are around three times higher than this.
    14 Jan 15, Isaac Bah 0
  • Economy
    Indias energy plan

    A dozen nuclear plants from Russia

    Russia hopes for India as a buyer of its nuclear technology. But the longtime partner is geared more and more towards the US.
    14 Jan 15, Katja Dombrowski 0
  • Knowledge
    Fuel cell technology

    Toyota follows Tesla’s lead

    Good ideas are best shared – including patents, at least according to the announcement by Japanese car manufacturer Toyota that it is making more than 5,600 of its patents for hydrogen fuel cell technology available free of charge, in the hope that the initiative will spur development and introduction of innovative fuel cell technologies around the world.The announcement, made at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, comes only months after Elon Musk, founder and CEO of...
    12 Jan 15, Isaac Bah 1
  • Politics
    EU 2020 aim

    Energy efficiency gathers momentum

    The European Commission aims to set new standards in energy efficiency. New rules shall help to reduce overall carbon emissions by 28 million tonnes,
    6 Jan 15, Tim Altegör 0
  • Economy
    Energy exchange

    Extra auction for renewables

    Due to a growing need for flexibility in electricity trading the European energy exchange Epex Spot expands its portfolio.
    6 Jan 15, Sascha Rentzing 0
  • Politics
    Energy union

    EU money could finance nuclear power plants

    Investments worth billions, a new agenda for handling migration, and the first steps towards a European energy union: mid-December saw the European Commission present its work programme for the coming year. German politicians criticise, that the plan provides also nuclear power plants.
    6 Jan 15, Tim Altegör 0
  • People

    “At some point climate conferences won’t be needed”

    The meteorology professor Mojib Latif talks about the opportunities presented by global climate agreements, Germany’s role in the worldwide negotiations on emissions limits – and why he likes to take it slow on the road.
    5 Jan 15, Interviewed by Astrid Dähn 0
  • Economy
    Wind energy industry

    Dong quits onshore wind

    Danish energy company Dong has announced its withdrawal from all its remaining onshore activities. Future wind activities will instead focus on the offshore market
    5 Jan 15, Isaac Bah 0
  • Knowledge
    Need-based beaconing

    Radar on, lights off

    The flashing lights on wind turbines are an annoyance for people living nearby. Some German companies are now marketing radar technology that can detect aircraft and turn the lights on only when they are needed. Who will win the race?
    18 Dec 14, Bernd Müller 0


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