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    Issue 2/2019

    Breakthrough in carbon capture

    Removing carbon dioxide after it has been emitted may prove to be vital in the fight against climate change. Two studies suggest a new storing technique and the most efficient way to capture the greenhouse gas.
    23 Apr 19, Margit Hildebrandt 0
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    Grid optimisation

    Balancing act

    Harnessing the sun’s power: closer integration of solar farms with battery storage, e-mobility and heat pumps could enable the PV sector to continue to grow without compromising grid stability
    16 Dec 16, Sascha Rentzing 0
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    Smart home

    Nest gains home access

    Google-owned home automation company Nest is continuing its rapid expansion by prodding ever more companies from the appliances and smart home sector to join its open software collaboration, dubbed "Works with Nest”.
    16 Jan 15, Isaac Bah 0
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    Carbon capture and storage

    A costly proposal

    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) sees carbon capture at coal-fired power plants as a key technology in the fight against climate change. The technology itself will soon be ready for market, but the high costs and unresolved storage issue will hamper its introduction.
    15 Dec 14, Sascha Rentzing 0
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    Smart materials

    Intelligent imitations

    Machines and technical devices would be more efficient if they could be designed to be smaller and lighter. Smart materials that adapt to their environment like living organisms could have applications in many fields and could help to save energy and protect the climate.
    18 Oct 14, Sascha Rentzing 0
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    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

    Flying free

    Small remote-controlled aircraft powered by multiple propellers are taking over the skies. The technology is also proving useful for inspecting wind turbines.
    6 Jan 14, Tim Altegör 0
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    Urban planning

    Sink or swim

    Floods, storms and heat waves caused by climate change will bring dramatic changes to our world in the coming decades. Cities will be affected the most. Policymakers and scientists are developing strategies to help us adapt.
    8 Aug 13, Astrid Dähn 0
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    Energy storage

    Making solar electricity last

    Efforts to expand photovoltaics will only work if storage solutions are available that can offset fluctuations in solar energy. No cost-effective technologies exist as yet, but researchers are exploring some extremely promising avenues.
    8 Jul 13, Jürgen Heup and Sascha Rentzing 0
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    Energy storage

    Giant batteries in Japan and Germany

    Energy production and consumption changes. The renewable energy world of the future needs different kinds of storage technologies. Now the first countries starts with battery projects bigger than 10 megawatts.
    7 Jun 13, Jürgen Heup 0
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    TopNano research project

    Nordic countries fight ice with nanotech

    Scientists in the Scandinavian TopNano research project are working on applying nanotechnology to prevent ice from building up on surfaces.
    8 Mar 13, Daniel Hautmann 0

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