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    European commission

    Oil lobby undermines EU climate protection efforts

    Smart grids, wave energy, geothermal power: The European commission is refusing to put its eggs into one basket. Instead, it is going to distribute EUR 1 billion among 18 renewable energy projects as well as one carbon capture and storage project. Meanwhile the oil industry is looking for ways to circumvent European climate protection measures.
    31 Jul 14, Sascha Rentzing/Tim Altegör 0
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    European elections 2014

    The choice of the Europeans and the future of Europe

    The moderate political groups have lost many seats in the new European Parliament, whereas many Euro skeptic and populist parties all over Europe celebrate significant gain in popularity. The results of the European elections will have an important impact on the European energy and climate policy. In this regards a lot depends also on the composition of the new Commission, especially who the new Energy Commissioner will be.
    30 May 14, Andrzej Ancygier 0
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    EU Law

    Confusion over French funding for wind power

    After carrying out a review of French funding for wind turbines, the European Commission announced at the end of March that the system is compatible with EU law. However, there is a high degree of legal uncertainty with repect to the EU guidelines on environmental and energy aid, that will come into force in July 2014.
    22 May 14, Jürgen Heup 0
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    Scope for improvement

    France is at risk of missing its 2020 renewables targets. Although Paris is intent on pursuing large-scale projects, so far it has done little in terms of decentralised expansion. Meanwhile, nuclear power remains essentially unchallenged.
    12 May 14, Tim Altegör 0
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    Price slump in carbon credits for climate protection

    Sales of 300 million carbon allowances to fund European climate-protection projects have ended. With roughly EUR 2 billion generated by the sales, the amount raised under the NER300 funding scheme was far lower than the issuing European Investment Bank had anticipated.
    5 May 14, Jürgen Heup 1
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    EU energy policy

    A long and winding road

    There are increasing conflicts about the strategic direction the EU should take to safeguard its energy supply. While some countries are placing their faith in renewables, others are focusing on coal and nuclear energy. A roadmap at the EU level will only succeed if binding expansion targets for 2030 are set.
    6 Jan 14, Lothar Lochmaier 0
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    2030 targets

    Green Paper Blues

    In March 2013, the European Commission published a green paper aimed at stirring up the debate on the development of European energy and climate policies until 2030. In the past, such papers always preceded adoption of binding measures that turned out to be milestones for the development of renewable energy in the EU. But judging by the reactions to the Commission’s green paper from various member states and non-governmental actors, this time might be different.
    12 Nov 13, Andrzej Ancygier 0
  • Politics

    EU caps biofuels

    The amount of first-generation biofuels – those made from plant or animal feedstocks – that can be counted towards the EU’s biofuel targets will be lowered in the future. That was the recent decision by the European Parliament on legislation proposed by the European Commission.
    6 Nov 13, Jürgen Heup 0
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    From swot to slow coach

    Germany’s transition to renewable energy is being watched closely abroad, not least by neighbouring Poland.
    16 Oct 13, Andrzej Ancygier 0
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    Wind power

    “No system is perfect”

    Gordon Edge, RenewableUK’s director of policy, expects the United Kingdom to reach the 10,000-megawattmark for installed wind power by the end of the year.
    7 Jun 13, 0


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