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    Renewables funding

    Russian roulette

    Russia has introduced an auctioning model to fund renewables. The Russian solar industry is delighted, but the wind power sector is laying low for the meantime, as the funding hinges on a crucial value-added clause.
    6 Jan 14, Jürgen Heup 0
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    Global Carbon Project

    CO2 emissions reach all-time high

    Global carbon emissions from fossil-fuel combustion reached unprecedented heights in 2012 according to the annual report by the Global Carbon Project (GCP). In its analysis, GCP scientists report that a staggering 35 billion tonnes of CO2 were produced in 2012. The preliminary analysis for 2013 shows an even gloomier outlook: 36 billion tonnes of CO2 will be emitted globally by the end of the year – a 61-percent increase compared to 1990 levels of CO2 emissions, the base level of the Kyoto Protocol.
    20 Nov 13, Isaac Bah 0
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    Subsidy programme

    Russia kick-starts renewables funding

    Russia, the largest oil-producing country in the world, is increasing the share of renewables in its energy mix. By 2020, the country plans to meet 2.5 percent of its energy needs with renewable energy sources compared with the mere 0.8 percent they cover today.
    18 Nov 13, Isaac Bah 0
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    Reactions: World Energy Outlook 2013

    “Renewables will win through in the end”

    The World Energy Outlook (WEO), published annually by the International Energy Agency, provides the most comprehensive overview of global developments in the energy sector. We asked energy experts from environmental organisations and political groups about what they expect from the 2013 edition of the WEO, and about the issues currently dominating the global energy debate.
    18 Nov 13, Isaac Bah 0
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    World Energy Outlook 2013

    IEA forecasts 3.6C rise in temperatures

    Fracking, soaring energy prices, climate change: the World Energy Outlook 2013, published by the International Energy Agency (IEA), paints a grim picture of the situation in the energy sector. The report expects global demand for energy to have risen by around a third by 2035. In spite of the continued expansion of renewables, fossil fuels will still account for over 75 percent of the energy mix and be responsible for some two thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions. Limiting global warming to 2C over the coming decades will therefore drift further and further out of reach.
    12 Nov 13, Isaac Bah 0
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    Africa´s energy opportunity

    A renewables law

    A joint study commissioned by the Heinrich Böll Foundation, the World Future Council and the UK branch of Friends of the Earth has concluded that an energy feed-in law based on Germany’s Renewable Energy Sources Act would help African countries boost economic performance and expand renewable energies.
    7 Jun 13, Isaac Bah 2
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    Cabinet reshuffle

    Obama introduces new energy minister

    US-President Obama has nominated nuclear physicist Ernest J. Moniz as the next secretary of energy. Moniz will replace Steven Chu, who announced his resignation as head of the US Energy Department at the beginning of February.
    8 Mar 13, Isaac Bah 0


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