• Economy
    Joint Venture

    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries heads offshore

    The Japanese Mitsubishi group is investing heavily in renewable energies. Now, in a joint venture with Vestas, it is planning to become a global market leader in offshore wind turbines.
    16 Dec 13, Katja Dombrowski 0
  • Economy
    Desertec initiative

    A mirage in the desert?

    Large European companies were planning to invest hundreds of billions of euros in transporting solar energy from North Africa to Europe as part of the Desertec initiative. But now there is disagreement as to what strategic direction the project should take. Could this be the end of the road?
    15 Oct 13, Jörn Iken 0
  • Economy
    European future

    “Not much chance for western solar producers”

    ...says Markus Lohr, chief analyst at EuPD Research. European solar players are allready thinned out. Taking a look at the exhibitor list of the Intersolar in Munich reaffirms his view.
    7 Jun 13, 0
  • Economy
    Israel´s biggest solar plant

    "A project of national importance"

    Israel’s Eurocom Group has commissioned the construction of the country’s biggest-ever solar farm. The contractor is M+W Group from Stuttgart in Germany.
    7 Jun 13, 0
  • Economy

    Swedish innovation

    In the field of concentrated photovoltaics (CPV), the parabolic trough technologies popular today could soon be facing some serious competition.
    7 Mar 13, Sascha Rentzing 0
  • Economy
    Hydrogen Production

    Greenpeace Energy stops power-to-gas project Hamburg

    Just two months after announcing it would build a hydrogen production plant in Suderberg in Lower Saxony, Greenpeace Energy has said it is cancelling the project.
    7 Mar 13, Anne-Katrin Wehrmann 0
  • Economy
    Grid Operation

    Germany keeping more wind power off the grid

    2011 will go down as the first year that Germany lost around one percent of its wind energy to feed-in management. This is the conclusion of a study compiled by consultancy Ecofys for the German Wind Energy Association (BWE).
    7 Mar 13, Anne-Katrin Wehrmann 0


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