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    Issue 5/2019

    Blowing the carbon budget

    Tar sands, LNG, deepwater drilling: new research shows that oil and gas companies are undermining international carbon targets with their investment decisions – and exposing themselves to serious financial risks in the process.
    30 Oct 19, Joachim Wille 0
  • Economy
    Energy markets

    “The value-added chain will change significantly”

    …says Stephan Reimelt, President GE Germany & Austria. Today, even globally active companies have to appear on the local and regional stage, Reimelt believes.
    15 Feb 17, Interviewed by Jörg-Rainer Zimmermann 0
  • Economy
    Renewables auctions

    System change in Greece

    Like Germany, Greece is also in the process of redesigning its support scheme for renewables in line with demands from Brussels. One expert hopes the changes will bring greater legal certainty – and a fresh start for the country’s PV sector.
    10 Jan 17, Michael Hahn 0
  • Economy
    Job market

    Employment study published at last

    The switch to renewables could bring about a net gain of over 230,000 jobs in Germany, according to a study by leading research institutes which the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) has published after a long delay. The study, seen by “neue energie”, was covered in the magazine’s April issue. Its optimistic message is tempered by the warning that job creation in Germany’s clean energy sector depends on the country’s ability to compete on the global market – which could be under threat.
    19 Jun 15, Jörg-Rainer Zimmermann 0
  • Economy
    PV manufacturer

    Back on track?

    The global solar market is growing, with module manufacturers expanding and investing in new production facilities. Business is picking up again for equipment suppliers.
    18 May 15, Sascha Rentzing 0
  • Economy

    “We offer a view into the entire energy market”

    …says Benjamin Low, director of the energy and wind sections of Hannover Messe. In light of this integrated approach, Low does not regard Hamburg or other wind fairs as competitors to Hannover.
    20 Mar 15, Interviewed by Tim Altegör 0
  • Economy
    Transmission networks

    Nordlink deal sealed, Inelfe project complete

    Germany and Norway signed an agreement for Nordlink. Meanwhile an electrical interconnection between France and Spain could be inaugurated.
    2 Mar 15, Tim Altegör 0
  • Economy
    Indias energy plan

    A dozen nuclear plants from Russia

    Russia hopes for India as a buyer of its nuclear technology. But the longtime partner is geared more and more towards the US.
    14 Jan 15, Katja Dombrowski 0
  • Economy
    Energy exchange

    Extra auction for renewables

    Due to a growing need for flexibility in electricity trading the European energy exchange Epex Spot expands its portfolio.
    6 Jan 15, Sascha Rentzing 0
  • Economy
    Bloomberg New Energy Finance

    Asset Finance

    Modi effect galvanises solar power in India, as global asset finance sags.
    18 Dec 14, Siobhan Wagner, Bloomberg New Energy Finance 0


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