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    Bloomberg New Energy Finance

    Solar factories edge into the black

    With stable prices and strong markets in Asia, the solar sector is enjoying renewed optimism. The mood is less upbeat in the worlds of US biofuel and UK wind as their respective governments bend to pressure for reform.
    6 Jan 14, Rohan Boyle 0
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    Tax rebates

    A shot in the arm for China’s solar industry

    After already adopting a stimulus package for its ailing domestic solar industry, China continues to help out the struggling sector. The ministry of finance has announced tax rebates of 50 percent of the VAT for solar manufacturers.
    18 Oct 13, Jürgen Heup 0
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    Technology benefit

    Turkey looks to Germany for expertise

    Germany´s economics minister Philipp Rösler visited Turkey's capital city of Ankara. His visit took place on the occasion of the opening of the German-Turkish Energy Forum together with the Turkish Energy Minister Yildiz.
    7 Jun 13, 0
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    Global Competiton

    European cleantech revenue plummets

    European cleantech companies are struggling with huge drops in revenue even as green technologies like renewable energy, electromobility, energy efficiency and environmental engineering are growing in importance.
    7 Mar 13, Anne-Katrin Wehrmann 0
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    WinpowerWorks/ Sisse Brimberg & Cotton Coulson
    Wind Energy

    An ill wind in Spain

    Spain’s wind industry is stagnating. Based on provisional figures, industry association AEE is assuming that the total capacity of turbines installed in 2012 amounted to 1,000 to 1,200 megawatts (MW). That means that wind energy has had another bad year.
    7 Mar 13, Reiner Wandler 0
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    Wind Energy

    Onwards and upwards

    Demand is likely to fall on the international wind markets in 2013. This means that many turbine manufacturers are setting their sights on Germany. New European markets could improve the situation.
    4 Feb 13, Sascha Rentzing 1
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    Sunny Outlook

    Solar market to grow to 38 GW in 2013

    After stagnating for the past two years at 30 gigawatts (GW), global solar power capacity is now poised to grow again, according to Mercom Capital Group. The number of new photovoltaic (PV) installations in 2013 will increase by 23 percent, the equivalent of 38 GW of newly installed solar capacity, said Raj Prabhu, CEO of the US clean-tech and healthcare IT industries consulting firm.
    8 Nov 12, Jürgen Heup 0


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