• Politics
    Wind power

    “No system is perfect”

    Gordon Edge, RenewableUK’s director of policy, expects the United Kingdom to reach the 10,000-megawattmark for installed wind power by the end of the year.
    7 Jun 13, 0
  • Politics
    Before COP 19 in Warsaw

    Global Climate Agreement by 2015

    In view of Germany’s rising carbon emissions, Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has conceded that it will not be possible to limit global warming to two degrees Celsius even if all industrialised countries stopped emitting any carbon dioxide emissions with immediate effect.
    30 May 13, Isaac Bah 0
  • Politics

    “Opportunities for pioneers”

    The German environment ministry is helping Greece to expand its use of renewables. Jürgen Becker, permanent secretary for the environment, spoke to new energy about the plans.
    22 May 13, Isaac Bah 0
  • Politics

    Scapegoats for a burned-out system

    In Bulgaria, massive protests against rising energy prices are spiralling into an unprecedented political crisis. Corrupt leaders are blaming renewables for the hefty electricity bills.
    22 May 13, Silviu Mihai 0
  • Politics
    Cabinet reshuffle

    Obama introduces new energy minister

    US-President Obama has nominated nuclear physicist Ernest J. Moniz as the next secretary of energy. Moniz will replace Steven Chu, who announced his resignation as head of the US Energy Department at the beginning of February.
    8 Mar 13, Isaac Bah 0
  • Politics
    Solar Millenium
    EU solar organisation:

    Essential role of solar thermal electricity

    Solar thermal electricity is currently going through a period of transition which will lead to a promising future. The European Solar Thermal Electricity Association (ESTELA) is taking this opportunity to broaden its geographical scope.
    6 Mar 13, Elena Dufour 0
  • Politics
    Local renewables

    Cooperatives boost small hydropower

    Unrealised potential for small and micro hydropower generation exists in Europe’s thousands of historic mills, water wheel sites, weirs and other lateral structures in rivers. The RESTOR Hydro project aims to tap into these often neglected hydropower sources.
    4 Mar 13, Martina Steinkusz 0
  • Politics
    European Commission

    Brussels attacks

    Are we witnessing an attack on the national feed-in tariffs offered by individual EU countries, or is Brussels trying for a fairer system of distribution?
    4 Mar 13, 0


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