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    Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid

    The first of its kind

    The combination of a diesel engine, electric motor and rechargeable battery makes the Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid a world first. But it doesn’t come cheap.
    28 May 14, Jan Wilms 1
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    Storing up the sun

    Experts say that new storage technologies like batteries and hydrogen are not relevant to Germany’s switch to renewables right now. But if grid expansion work continues to stagnate and if aging pumped storage systems stop making economic sense, then things could change very quickly indeed.
    28 May 14, Sascha Rentzing 0
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    Future energy supply

    A brief sociology of the switch to renewables

    Electricity is having an ever-greater impact on our daily lives. We discuss the fears and myths that are accompanying the transformation of Germany’s energy system.
    28 May 14, Joachim Nitsch* and Uwe Pfenning** 1
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    Desertec project

    A mirage in the desert?

    Large European companies were planning to invest hundreds of billions of euros in transporting solar energy from North Africa to Europe as part of the Desertec initiative. But now there is disagreement as to what strategic direction the project should take. Could this be the end of the road?
    28 May 14, Jörn Iken 0
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    Lidar technology

    Lasers: 1, Gusts: 0

    Sudden gusts of wind make rotor blades spin too fast and put engines under a lot of strain. A new early warning system that recognises powerful movements of air can turn blades out of the wind in good time and reduce loads.
    28 May 14, Sascha Rentzing 0
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    Offshore rescue

    Who do you call in an emergency?

    Long distances from land and difficult weather conditions make rescue missions to offshore wind farms a real challenge.
    12 May 14, Anne-Katrin Wehrmann 0
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    BMW i3

    e-cars can be fun

    The BMW i3 is a compact, lightweight electric car made of carbon fires, aluminium and plastic. Combining great driving performance with the high quality you can expect of BMW and an ultramodern design, the i3 is set to become a role model for e-mobility.
    12 May 14, Jan Wilms 0
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    Air pollution

    Smog fuels storms

    Heavy air pollution in large Asian cities will do long-term damage to the climate. A more immediate problem, however, is that the dirt seems to be exacerbating storms over the Pacific Ocean a new research has found.
    30 Apr 14, Sascha Rentzing 0
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    Country ranking

    Changes in the geothermal order

    The US still leads the field in installing geothermal energy systems. But according to the country’s Geothermal Energy Association (GEA), that could soon change.
    29 Apr 14, Jürgen Heup 0
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    Offshore technology

    Profound progress

    Large offshore turbines are mostly installed on complex structures. Cylindrical monopiles can only support small turbines, as they cannot be driven deeply enough into the seabed. But thanks to new drilling technology, a solution is now on the way.
    26 Apr 14, Daniel Hautmann 1


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