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    Monster view

    Wind farm at Loch Ness

    Scotland’s most famous lake is soon to be home to a wind farm. Not anybody likes that.
    7 Jun 13, 0
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    Wind turbines

    World’s biggest test centre

    To handle rotor blades longer than 75 metres, Siemens builds new test centres. The aim is to reduce the lieklihood of technical faults.
    7 Jun 13, Jürgen Heup 1
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    How it works

    Proteins for wind turbines?

    As part of our “How it works”-series we look at the problem of ice build-upon rotor blades. Researchers around the world are working on developing surfaces that prevent ice from forming.
    8 Mar 13, Daniel Hautmann 0
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    Solution found for grid connections?

    The day the offshore wind industry has long been waiting for is here: the Bundesrat and Bundestag have finally passed the Third Act Revising the Legislation Governing the Energy Sector. The sector welcomes the amendment, but remains sceptical.
    4 Feb 13, Anne-Katrin Wehrmann 0
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    Renewables in Cape Verde

    Treasure island

    Cape Verde aims to source half of its electricity from renewables by 2020 – and it is well on the way to succeeding. The island nation is a role model for the entire West Africa region.
    22 Jan 13, 0


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