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    Used with more care

    In a new development strategy German biomass research institutions seek to answer the question how tu use bioenergy with more care.
    18 Mar 15, Sascha Rentzing 0
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    Alternative Fuel

    Microalgae project gets underway in Portugal

    A consortium of biotechnology experts has started to build a one-hectare pilot unit that will demonstrate an innovative integrated approach to produce microalgae biomass with biodiesel validation in a sustainable manner.
    1 Aug 14, Vinicius Valente 0
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    Biogas markets

    Crossing borders

    Manufacturers of biogas plants are suffering a massive slump on the German market, prompting attempts at further expansion abroad.
    6 Jan 14, John Bell 0
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    Heating systems

    Time of the pellets

    It has taken years, but sales of pellet boilers are finally picking up. High oil prices and better marketing strategies are behind the boom.
    11 Mar 13, Dittmar Koop 0
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    EU Directives

    Fuelling the fire

    The European Commission has unveiled the new direction of its biofuel policy. Biofuel manufacturers are up in arms about it.
    8 Mar 13, Dittmar Koop 0

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