Swedish energy company Vattenfall

EUR 1 billion on wind power

Sascha Rentzing/Tim Altegör, 9 Mar 15
Vattenfall expands its renewable operations and intends to get rid of its lignite division.

Swedish energy giant Vattenfall plans to invest a total of EUR 943 million in wind power over the next two years, announced CFO Ingrid Bonde at the presentation of the company’s year-end report at its HQ in Solna. This will make the wind sector the primary focus of Vattenfall’s investments, as in 2014. The company, which is also active in Germany, wants to expand its renewables operations in general. In mid January, CEO Magnus Hall announced a new corporate structure to be implemented from April. As a result of the reshuffl e, wind power will become one of six business areas on which Vattenfall intends to focus its efforts. Meanwhile, the state-owned company intends to get rid of its lignite division, but has yet to find a buyer.

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