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New storage joint venture: it’s a Sony… kind of

Japanese technology conglomerate Sony Corporation and Canada’s largest electricity producer Hydro-Québec are joining forces to set up a joint venture to research and develop a large-scale energy storage system for power grids. Both firms believe that demand for large-scale energy storage systems will increase in the future, driven by high demand for electric power during peak times, the need to stabilise fluctuations in electricity generated from renewables, and the goal of securing a stable power supply in case of outages or disasters.

“By combining Hydro-Québec’s experience in electricity systems and its R&D work on energy storage with Sony’s expertise in lithium-ion battery production we are creating a world-class joint venture with the necessary expertise to manage the R&D of batteries for renewable energy storage and the smart grid,” Hydro-Québec’s executive vice president of technology, Élie Saheb, said. Sony and Hydro-Québec plan to establish the new company as soon as June 2014. According to company statements, the joint venture intends to research and develop a highly safe and reliable system for large-scale applications, as well as battery material technology suitable for use within electric power systems, and to explore their use in a wide variety of applications.

Yoshito Ezure, senior general manager of Sony’s Energy Division, said: “I am confident that through our partnership with Hydro-Québec, which possesses deep knowledge of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, we will be able to develop an optimum large-scale energy storage system to meet the demands of customers.” The joint announcement comes only weeks after electric car manufacturer Tesla went public with its plans to build the world’s largest battery factory, aiming to produce more lithium-ion batteries annually by 2020 than the amount produced worldwide in 2013.

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  • 10 Dec 2014 - 2:42pm, Rick Ruiz


    I been working on a project that would help people in either a Disaster or a Military environment. It is using a new kind of tent that uses renewable Energy and a Battery instead of using a generator. the tent is just not a normal PV tent but one that is energy efficient all around. I have the tent manufacture and the PV covered. I also have a Company from India that would like to invest in my project but I am worried that they would take the Idea and leave me out. I am an American living in Germany and working with a very small group of guys. We are dealing with renewable energy and have several other projects in the works as well. This one is just one that I am working on the side but I need someone to take it to the next level.
    I also thinking about taking it to the military but again I need to get the pilot tent manufacture.
    This idea will change the way emergency responders and the military move with out worrying about the fuel or transportation.
    I do not have a doctors degree but I am always thinking of ways to make a difference and like working with new technology. please let me know if you are interested. happy Holidays!

    Rick R. ruiz

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