Indias energy plan

A dozen nuclear plants from Russia

Katja Dombrowski, 14 Jan 15
Russia hopes for India as a buyer of its nuclear technology. But the longtime partner is geared more and more towards the US.

Against the backdrop of the Ukrainian crisis and western sanctions, Russia is reviving its relations with India. During a visit to New Delhi end of last year, President Vladimir Putin reached an agreement with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the construction of ten more Russian nuclear reactors to help quench the huge country’s enormous thirst for energy.

Two reactors are already operating at the Kudankulam power plant in Tamil Nadu, a state on the southern tip of the Indian subcontinent. Putin even raised the prospect of 25 reactors. Deals on exporting Russian oil and gas were also among the numerous agreements reached during his visit. The friendship between India and Russia goes back decades. Moscow, for instance, is New Delhi’s most important arms supplier by far.

However, relations between the two countries cooled off recently following a strengthening of ties between India and the US.

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