Energy exchange

Extra auction for renewables

Sascha Rentzing, 6 Jan 15
Due to a growing need for flexibility in electricity trading the European energy exchange Epex Spot expands its portfolio.

The European energy exchange Epex Spot is expanding its portfolio. In December, the exchange, which is the most important in a number of countries including Germany, launched its first additional auction for 15-minute contracts. Epex said 58 exchange members participated and 17,690 megawatts were traded. The base price (the average price of all contracts on a given trading day) was EUR 32.53 per megawatt-hour. Epex said the new auction was about the exchange responding to the growing need for flexibility in electricity trading. Epex began trading 15-minute contracts in 2011 to make it easier to integrate wind and solar electricity into exchange trading, and to provide a useful addition to the auction of hourly contracts on the day-ahead market.

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