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Turkey looks to Germany for expertise

Germany´s economics minister Philipp Rösler visited Turkey's capital city of Ankara. His visit took place on the occasion of the opening of the German-Turkish Energy Forum together with the Turkish Energy Minister Yildiz.

Turkey desperately needs to expand its energy sector, and it is hoping Germany can help by supplying valuable expertise. This came to light during the German-Turkish Energy Forum that was held in mid-April in Ankara.

Germany’s economics minister Philipp Rösler was among the participants. Over the next ten to twelve years, Turkey wants to invest around EUR 100 billion in the energy sector. Rösler says there is a particularly good chance that the two countries will collaborate on renewables, efficiency and grid expansion.

In 2012 the volume of bilateral trade amounted to more than 32 billion euros. Investments of German companies in Turkey's energy sector already total more than 5 billion euros.

Rösler said: "Germany is already Turkey's most important business partner and by far the largest foreign investor in Turkey. My visit aims to further expand the very good economic relations. The energy sector offers particularly great opportunities. Being a 'bridge builder' in the energy sector, Turkey plays a key role for Europe's energy supply. I see major opportunities for co-operation in the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energies, in which German firms are among the world's leaders. Therefore I look forward to opening the German-Turkish Energy Forum together with my colleague Mr. Yildiz to lay the foundations for greater co-operation in the energy sector.

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