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Sascha Rentzing, 18 Mar 15
In a new development strategy German biomass research institutions seek to answer the question how tu use bioenergy with more care.

How can biomass energy be produced without negative effects on soil, biodiversity and food security? This is the question leading German biomass research institutions seek to answer in their freshly published study “Milestones 2030 – Elements and milestones for the development of a sustainable bioenergy strategy”. The key fiding of their work, which was commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, is that clear framework conditions are required in order to prevent the use of biomass from having a damaging impact. Cultivation of bioenergy crops in export countries must be restricted in order to prevent the conversion of grassland into cropland, warned Klaus Hennenberg from the Institute for Applied Ecology. Furthermore, the adverse effects of changes in land use on the greenhouse gas balance could prevent reduction targets from being met.

More information on the study is available here:

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