Ford Focus electric

Ford Focus goes electric

In August, Ford will launch its first ever full production electric model: the Focus Electric, with a range of 160 kilometres. The model offers the comfort of a standard compact car, but at EUR 40,000 the price tag is considerably higher.

So this is the latest addition to the Ford catalogue. The Focus Electric looks just like its conventionally powered cousins. Only a socket cover on the front wing and some discreet lettering on the door give it away. You only get the feeling that you are about to speed off into the future once you experience the silent start-up. Ford will launch the Focus Electric on the European market in the late summer – behind many Japanese electric cars, but earlier than the majority of German models.

One could be forgiven for expecting a little more from a manufacturer which has been experimenting with electromobility for 20 years and is already the second-largest provider of hybrid cars in the US. However, this restraint is part and parcel of the car’s concept, and also applies to the vehicle itself: instead of designing the Focus Electric as an electric car from the bottom up, with lightweight materials, optimal use of space and weight management to match, Ford simply bolted an electric drive train to the standard Focus body for the US market launch in 2012.

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