Need-based beaconing

Radar on, lights off

The flashing lights on wind turbines are an annoyance for people living nearby. Some German companies are now marketing radar technology that can detect aircraft and turn the lights on only when they are needed. Who will win the race?
18 Dec 14, Bernd Müller 0
Marine research

Offshore wind farms as a hunting ground

Seals and other marine animal species accept offshore wind farms as new habitat and hunting grounds, a study by biologists at St. Andrews University in Scotland has found. The researchers believe the turbine foundation could function as artificial reefs.
6 Aug 14, Astrid Dähn 0
BWE service survey 2013

The customer is king

Good service now plays a key role among turbine manufacturers. The results from the latest service survey carried out by the German Wind Energy Association (BWE) show that most manufacturers are continuing to improve their maintenance and repair services, and the gap is closing on independent service providers. By Sascha Rentzing
28 May 14, 0
Lidar technology

Lasers: 1, Gusts: 0

Sudden gusts of wind make rotor blades spin too fast and put engines under a lot of strain. A new early warning system that recognises powerful movements of air can turn blades out of the wind in good time and reduce loads.
28 May 14, Sascha Rentzing 0
Offshore rescue

Who do you call in an emergency?

Long distances from land and difficult weather conditions make rescue missions to offshore wind farms a real challenge.
12 May 14, Anne-Katrin Wehrmann 0
Offshore technology

Profound progress

Large offshore turbines are mostly installed on complex structures. Cylindrical monopiles can only support small turbines, as they cannot be driven deeply enough into the seabed. But thanks to new drilling technology, a solution is now on the way.
26 Apr 14, Daniel Hautmann 1

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