Marine environment study

Offshore teamwork

Sascha Rentzing, 24 Apr 14
If offshore wind power is to play a bigger role in Germany’s energy mix, then it’s going to have to become a lot cheaper. With this in mind, the three companies operating North Sea wind farms – Germany’s Eon, Denmark’s Dong Energie, and Austria’s Strabag – are planning to reduce their respective project costs by cooperating on the environmental studies that they each have to carry out.

The three companies have set up a joint venture called Umbo (Umweltuntersuchung Nördlich Borkum). In the coming years the firm will study the environment in a marine area that covers more than 4,000 km2 and lies to the north of the East Frisian Islands. Dong spokesperson Iris Franco Fratini explains that the aim is to collect data that will allow a thorough analysis of how offshore wind affects the marine environment. Other wind farm operators will also be able to access the data. Fratini says the project will help reduce the risks involved in generating electricity offshore, as fewer ships will be out at sea conducting research, which in turn will keep interventions, emissions and accidents to a minimum.

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