Wind turbines

World’s biggest test centre

Jürgen Heup, 7 Jun 13
To handle rotor blades longer than 75 metres, Siemens builds new test centres. The aim is to reduce the lieklihood of technical faults.

Siemens Energy has opened two new centres in Denmark for researching and testing wind turbines. The test centre in Brande will put large components such as generators, main bearings and entire nacelles through their paces.

The Aalborg centre has seven test stands that can hold rotor blades (including the world’s largest blade, which measures 75 metres) so that Siemens can inspect them for faults.

The two halls have a combined, covered testing area of over 27,000 square metres. Siemens says this makes them the world’s largest research and testing centres for wind technologies.“Our investments in testing will result in savings for our customers,” says Felix Ferlemann, head of the wind power division at Siemens Energy.

By carrying out comprehensive testing on major components, the company aims to significantly reduce the likelihood of wind turbines suffering technical faults in the field.

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  • 18 Aug 2013 - 5:37pm, Mary Jensen

    Do you give tours of your facility in Aalborg or Brande? I am in the area and would enjoy seeing what you are doing at your testing center. Thank you.

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