Issue 2/2018

“Opposing coal is politically dangerous”

The anti-coal movement has reached Russia, says environmental activist Vladimir Slivyak. The country’s government is not happy.
16 Apr 18, Interviewed by Friederike Meier 0

“Well-designed tenders can play an important role”

Giles Dickson, who was appointed CEO of the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) in September 2015, discusses the challenges facing the wind sector in areas such as governance and market design.
19 Oct 15, Interviewed by Jörg-Rainer Zimmermann 0

“At some point climate conferences won’t be needed”

The meteorology professor Mojib Latif talks about the opportunities presented by global climate agreements, Germany’s role in the worldwide negotiations on emissions limits – and why he likes to take it slow on the road.
5 Jan 15, Interviewed by Astrid Dähn 0

“Europe is losing its leadership position”

… in terms of investment in utility-scale renewable energy. And there are many policy uncertainties to clear up in Europe – says Angus McCrone, chief editor of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, London.
12 May 14, Jörg-Rainer Zimmermann 0

“Opportunities for turbine developers and other service providers”

Stefan Gsänger, secretary general of the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA), on the wind energy boom in China and the prospects for international investors.
17 Mar 14, Isaac Bah and Jörg-Rainer Zimmermann 0

“People now expect Germany to be able to act more decisively”

The debate on the EU’s 2030 energy and climate targets continues, and the new German government must also decide what strategy it wishes to pursue in the future. Oliver Geden, an EU energy and climate policy expert at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) in Berlin, talks to new energy about the opportunities and challenges of defining the EU’s common energy and climate targets for 2030.
6 Jan 14, Isaac Bah 0

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