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EWEA elects Siemens Wind CEO Tacke as new chairman

The European Wind Energy Association is overhauling its organisational structure. Markus Tacke, Chief Executive Officer of Siemens Wind Power, has been elected as the new chairman of the industry association, taking over from Andrew Garrad. As part of the restructuring process, the size of EWEA’s board of directors has been significantly reduced, resulting in a number of long-serving committee members being left out of the association’s decision-making panel for the next term.

"This is an exciting moment in time for the wind industry and I am looking forward to the task ahead,” said Markus Tacke upon his appointment. “One of the first major challenges will be securing an ambitious 30 percent renewables target in the 2030 climate and energy framework to be agreed by Heads of State and Government. This will give the wind energy industry a springboard for the post-2020 environment."

Tacke, who assumed the post of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Siemens Wind Power on 1 August 2013, replaces Garrad Hassan co-founder Andrew Garrad, who has led the organization as president since March 2013. Garrad said: "Presiding over EWEA has been a richly rewarding experience and we have transformed the Association since I took office over a year and half ago. That EWEA is held in such high esteem throughout Brussels circles and across Europe is testament to the strength and fortitude of the organisation and our industry." Jose López-Tafall Bascuñana was named vice-chairman by the association’s board of directors.

As part of the organisational restructuring started under EWEA’s outgoing president, the board will be reduced from 53 to 28 members, with a number of national wind energy associations losing their seats in the panel – most notably those of France, Ireland and the Netherlands. The German Engineering Federation VDMA will also lose its place on the board. 

The German Wind Energy Association BWE, however, along with the Danish and Spanish associations, will remain part of the decision-making panel. Replacing BWE vice-president Jan Hinrich Glahr, the BWE’s current CEO Henning Dettmer is set to assume a place on the EWEA board. “After extensive discussions we have completed the process of structurally optimising the European Wind Energy Association and its board of directors,” said Dettmer. “This had been long overdue. With the 2015 climate summit in Paris coming up EWEA is going to support and encourage mandatory targets for the further development of wind energy leading up to 2030. With respect to our staff and organisational outlook our association is well equipped.”   

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