Before COP 19 in Warsaw

Global Climate Agreement by 2015

In view of Germany’s rising carbon emissions, Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has conceded that it will not be possible to limit global warming to two degrees Celsius even if all industrialised countries stopped emitting any carbon dioxide emissions with immediate effect.

At the Petersberg Climate Dialogue in Berlin, the chancellor urged all states to adopt a binding agreement by 2015 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. “Waiting is not an option”, said Merkel. “If we do nothing now, it will be far more expensive for us in the end.” She is calling for an agreement that would set a binding reduction target for more than 190 states worldwide. She urged for the negotiations to be concluded by the UN Climate Conference in Paris in 2015, so that a global climate agreement of this kind could take effect by 2020.  

At the conference, Angela Merkel also rejected the claims by environmental organisations that Europe had given up its pioneering role in climate protection. Merkel described such criticism as being “entirely inappropriate”.The EU member states are currently debating on whether to raise the target of 20 percent less emissions to 30 percent. Merkel said this would increase the pressure on other states to take more environmental action

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