Scientific advisory group

In order to further enhance the incisive nature of the reporting it provides, the editorial team has appointed a scientific advisory group.

The group’s members are renowned energy experts who have been conducting research in this field for many years, and boast outstanding national and international networks. Their input on key topics in science and politics will provide the editorial team with invaluable additional feedback for its work.

The scientific advisory group is made up of the following members:

- Manfred Fischedick (Vice-President of the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy)

- Felix Matthes (Research Coordinator for Energy & Climate policy at the Oeko-Institut)

- Joachim Nitsch (former long-standing director of the “Systems Analysis and Technology Assessment” department of the German Aerospace Center)

- Andreas Reuter (Head of the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems and Professor of Wind Energy Technology at the University of Hanover)

- Sabine Schlacke (Professor of Public Law at the University of Münster and Chair of the German Advisory Council on Global Change: WBGU)

- Volker Quaschning (Professor of Renewable Energy Systems at HTW Berlin)


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Issue 02 / 2019

Bridge or barrier - The controversial role of natural gas

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